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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald

Previous Occupation: Salesman
Previous Income: $50,000
Current Income: $1,000,000+

Alex Fitzgerald was on track to live the typical American life: he graduated from college, got married and was about to enter the workforce.

NAA® President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright convinced him to do otherwise.

After working with Albright in numerous ventures, the two finally paired up again with NAA®. Fitzgerald moved from Burlington, N.C. to Dallas, Texas in 1999, and he joined the NAA® team in September 2002 shortly after the company started.

“I’ve been working around Andy for half of my life,” Fitzgerald said. “When he said that he was forming a company that could be our own, I was instantly in. There was no question and no hesitation about that.”

After almost 10 years with NAA®, Fitzgerald is one of the company’s brightest stars – easily earning more than $1 million annually. “Fitz” and his wife Heather reside with their two children just outside of Dallas, Texas.

Despite being one of NAA®’s top earners, “Fitz” says the best has yet to come.

“I want to be the best that I can be,” Fitzgerald said. “We want to be leaders of leaders.”

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